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Silja Voolma

Consilience Research
Founder & CEO
Silja is an applied behavioral scientist who helps healthcare organizations create human-centered client experiences using qualitative and quantitative research methods and executive coaching. She has a decade of experience in leading healthcare projects in academia and industry and of applying behavioral science to product and service design. Silja holds a Behavioral Science Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge and has been featured in international media for her behavioral science and executive coaching expertise across Europe and in Southeast Asia. In 2018, she was invited to lead the implementation of personalized medicine services into Estonia's national healthcare system where she also wrote the government strategy for personalized medicine 2020-2024. Silja uses an embodied approach to behavior change and advocates for the interdisciplinary use of therapeutic, movement-based and cognitive strategies to achieve sustainable change in behavior patterns. She has committed the future of her career to harnessing the mind-body connection in behavioral science based design and executive coaching work.

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