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Rick Allen

Director, Content Strategy
Rick may not have education in his blood, but it sure overflows his background. Not just his BFA and MA from Emerson College, it’s his work history in Content at Babson College, Boston College, and Emerson College. Now, after supporting Mad*Pow through the content strategy consultancy he founded, he has joined full-time as a Director of Content Strategy.

“For me, content strategy is all about change management. More than guides and tools, it’s about changing the way we think about our audience and their needs, about the purpose and value of the content we create, and about what it takes to sustain a digital presence that continues to learn and grow.”

If he could change one thing it would be “the way organizations think about the web – treating it as a process that requires care and feeding, rather than a standalone project. New websites are great on Day 1, but Day 2 is where real innovation happens.”

We couldn’t agree more.

When he’s not busy at work, or speaking at conferences around the country, you’ll find him continuing to explore Boston and checking out events around the city. Or pulling on the hiking boots and heading for the hills.

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